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Accio Quill and Ink

Love Potion # 101

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Name: Kuwakaskei
Sex: Female

Well lets see....i write drabbles and draw all sorts of fanart and even some of my own characters. i absolutly love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings as well as X-men Evolution and Anime. im on a few diffrent sites and always am up for a chat if you have the time and such. im currently in art College and have two good Hp Fanatics that i talk to every day that we have class together...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! hehehe... well yeah thats all for now ^_^

Deviant art link: http://kuwakaskeidopple.deviantart.com/
Gaiaonline: yes i have a few characters with them ^_^ if you really wanna chat try one of these guys ^_^ And yes i know two of them are guys but i like them ^_^

Metatron Sephirim Angel
Aurora Nova

Those are the peeps ^_^